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General Notes About Chocolate Tastings

  • Remember to reserve a room and request the correct room setup -- a room with space for 80 but tables and chairs to seat 30 will not fit 80. Also, you will need to reserve a room (hopefully the same one) for several hours beforehand for setup and chocolate cutting.
  • Don't offer more than 20 varieties of chocolate. Less if you can restrain yourself.
  • Don't buy more chocolate bars than necessary. A 75g chocolate bar will usually yield 40 big (on a tasting scale) chunks or 75+ smaller chunks. This means you want 1 to 3 bars of each variety, depending on the size of the tasting. More will just be wasted.
  • Plan to spend several hours before the tasting cutting / breaking chocolate. It might even be a good idea to do this the day before and put the chunks into bags. If possible, spread this work over at least three people because it will make your hands sore after a while. Remember to save at least one wrapper from each variety of chocolate to show the tasters. Also, remember to have people bring knives because they make this task easier and LCS doesn't seem to own any.
  • At the tasting, there must be a minimum of 1 person to talk and 2 other people to help give out the chocolate. A helper for every 20 tasters would be a good rule of thumb.
  • Remember to buy plain bread or crackers as a palate cleanser as well as water. Get cups, plates, and napkins from the LCS office or buy them if necessary. Arrange these things somewhere the tasters can get them but away from the table where the chocolate is arranged.
  • It is best if the speaker tastes each variety of chocolate along with the rest of the tasters. This allows for better comments and ensures the tasting is not paced too fast.


Links to the Tasting Guides from past tastings.

Past Tastings

April 24, 2006 (run by/at Finale)

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