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Wiki Renovation notes and suggestions

  • List of all wiki pages
  • Fix the logo! How do you do this?
  • Separate internal pages for LCS members (constitution, officers, etc) from external pages (recipes, science, photos)

Missing Info

  • Battle of the Brownies recipes
  • average prices for events, how to fill out common forms, other useful info

List of major hub pages

  • Recipes
  • Event Planning
  • Members' Info (constitution, event planning, ordering chocolate, useful links)
  • Chocolate Science (links, experiments, downloads, what do chocolate scientists do?)

General Questions

  • What goes on the wiki and what goes on the website??
    • Anna's idea: the wiki is much easier to edit, so Anna will fix up the wiki and then poke people to put the right links or content on the website...
  • Do we still use the point system? Should this be kept around? Maybe one page with info about the old point system, and remove it from current pages...
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