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Before the reign of Benevolent Dictator Anna, LCS had a system of points and membership levels. This was a very clever system, and is detailed here in case anyone wants to re-instate it...


Activeness is judged on a point system. To maintain membership status, a volunteer has to accumulate 5 points over the course of the year. There are a lot of ways to gain points, though, especially over IAP, so this really isn't hard.

In general, for helping with an event, the points are as follows:
1 point for getting supplies, or other very small jobs in relation to an event; also for coming to a meeting
2 points for helping set up or run the event
4 points for being in charge of the event

Some events, such as truffle selling, are exceptionally large and require quite a bit more work. These events will be worth twice as many points, and will be noted as such.

The person in charge of the event will turn in a sheet listing who helped and how many points they earned at the end of the event. Should the person in charge fail to turn this in within a reasonable amount of time (to be determined, probably about a month), then he or she will not receive points for the event, and an e-mail will be sent out to the volunteers list telling those who helped out to contact the president with how many points they earned.

Most likely, permanent membership will be attained by earning 25 points over a liftime with the club.

Points for Officers

  • President and Treasurer earn 10 points* per semester for the position
  • Webmaster Secretary, Lord of Space and Stuff, Publicist, and Vice President earn 5 points* per semester

*An officer who fails to perform his or her duties obviously does not receive the points.

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