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Job Description

Keep our funding up to date by submitting applications to Finboard by deadlines. Handle reimbursements to people after events or purchases. They should give the receipts to you and you will take them to the Student Life Programs Office on the 5th floor of the student center and fill out forms for reimbursements.


Maintain the Laboratory for Chocolate Science's financial records
Reimburse members for expenses paid out-of-pocket for the club's sake
Submit financial applications to the UA inboard


Budgets for Summer/Fall and IAP/Spring:
Deadline for Summer Fall: Beginning of May
Deadline for IAP/Spring: End of November
Look here for application and exact dates:


Go to (need working certificates) On the top-left, in the Menu box, select Full Catalog Under Manage Reimbursements (RFPs), select Reimbursement Input the name of the student receiving reimbursement for their purchase, if non-MIT, contact a previous treasurer or contact the SAO staff for information. Fill out the form and send to the appropriate receiver in the SAO office (sorry, it changes every now and then. October 2014 it's Mary Mango) You will need electronic copies of the receipts. 'Evidence of what was purchased, how it was purchased, and the amount of the purchase is required for a reimbursement. Once the RFP is sent, print it, attach the physical receipts, and go to the Student Activities Office on the 5th floor of the student center. Put the RFP in the indicated slot. SAO closes at 5pm on weekdays and isn't open on Weekends. When closed, you can put the RFP in the slot in the door. Make sure you staple it, they hate it when you use a paperclip or something. It should be stapled. The staff there are extremely nice and helpful.

Things to do

  • Become a financial signatory by having a current officer assign you as one at

  • Request online account access

Data Warehouse access request form, Roles Database authorization

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