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You do not have to be an MIT student to become a member. In order to keep track of who has what status inside the club, we have a hierarchy of positions. Below is an explanation of these different positions, and how to become each.


There are several categories of membership for the Chocolatiers. At the lowest end are those who are on our *general mailing list*, chocolatiers-all (at These folks hear about all events, probably before posters go up or anything like that, but they don't help out at events. This list is public, so you can join at Athena List management.

Please note: our previous mailing list,, was receiving too much spam and has been made inactive. We still own the list and the LCS officers may at any time at their discretion reactivate the list.

The next level up involves those on the *volunteers mailing list*, chocolatiers-volunteers. This list will often hear about an event first, as this is for people interested in helping out at events. If someone on this list doesn't actually go to anything for too long, they're liable to be taken off. This list is also public, and you can join at Athena List management as with the general mailing list. If you volunteer at an event, you gain free entry and are often rewarded with extra chocolate.

Once a volunteer has helped with enough events, he or she is considered a *full member* and has access to certain privileges. There is no mailing list for this group. Privileges specifically include getting in for free to public events where we ask a fee, and being allowed to come to special members-only events.

  • Officers* are the next level of the club. They are in charge of various aspects of running the club, and gain free entry to all Chocolatiers events. They are re-elected every year. There is another page devoted to the Officers.

After spending a few years in the club and running several events or taking an officer position, an LCS member becomes a *permanent member*. A permanent member has all of the benefits of a current member, with the added bonus that after a year has passed he or she will still be a member! Permanent members have put enough time and effort into the club that they receive all the bonuses of being a full member for the rest of their lives, regardless of future activeness in the club. Generally speaking, lifetime members are those who remain on the chocolatiers-officers mailing list after they have graduated or left the club.

Mailing Lists

All addresses end with (at)

  • chocolatiers-all: for general announcements about news and events (this includes both the volunteers and officers lists)
    • members as of Feb 2012: at least 1045 people
  • chocolatiers-volunteers: for announcements in search of volunteers
    • members as of Feb 2012: at least 370 people
  • chocolatiers-officers: for internal communication among Chocolatiers
    • members as of Feb 2012: 28 people (past and present officers)
  • truffles12: IAP truffle teachers and organizers from 2012
    • chocolatiers-truffles: truffle teachers and organizers 2011
  • chocolatiers-organizers: potential organizers for events
    • might be similar to junior-officers and members lists from previous years

Occasional Other Mailing Lists

These have not been updated recently

  • chocolatiers-junior-officers: for prospective officers or particularly active members
  • bulk-chocolate: for people interested in purchasing large quantities of chocolate from the club
  • chocolatiers-members: for people who gained enough points under the point system to become LCS members
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