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a. Reserve a space. Do so a month or more in advance. You can maybe do it last minute, but if you can avoid it, avoid it. Make sure you have access to power outlets. Student center often receives many non-students, though Lobby 10 seems to receive less overall, and is far away from the milk and lab space. First floor of the Z-center receives very few people until exams end and then there is an overwhelming flux.

b. Shop for needed supplies – milk, ice, foam cups, and sponges. Ask previous person how much is needed as there may be some left over. The supplies can be obtained at LeVerdes. The milk is ~$4/gallon.

c. Dress the part - if you have LCS logo wear, this is a good time to wear it!

d. Get supplies from the LCS in Walker 50-320. Ask someone if you don't know the combination. Bring the following over to Lobby 10 by 11:30 am:

  • blue cooler
  • foam cups
  • dark and milk chocolate from the large white container in the large refrigerator
  • a bottle of vanilla extract and a bottle of cinnamon
  • portable burner and crock-pot
  • saucepan (half of the double boiler)
  • measuring spoons, two wooden spoons, a ladle,
  • a power strip, tape, and LCS sign.

There is a large dolly that will hold almost everything. If the elevator in Walker is not available due to exams, two people are needed to get the supplies.

e. Put ice and milk in the blue cooler, otherwise the SLP will kick us out.

Cocoa Recipe

1 gallon of milk

  • Heat milk to boiling in saucepan on portable burner, stir or milk will burn.
  • Transfer hot milk to slow cooker and add other ingredients.

2-3 cups of chocolate chips, stirred into the pot. If the dark chips are bitter, use up to one half milk chocolate chips. 2 tbsp of vanilla

Set out a few cups of cocoa and welcome students passing by to have a cup of cocoa. It is amazing to observe the number of students that don't notice delicious free hot cocoa unless you catch their attention and direct them to it.

Advise the students to try adding cinnamon for a different flavor.

Clean up

a. Start cleaning up around 1:15 pm – unplugging the burner, taking out the last few drops of cocoa, etc. Be prepared for a rush just before the 1:30 finals start.

b. Take turns cleaning up the crock-pot, burner, etc in the EC kitchen in Talbot, or a bathroom along the Infinite.

c. Load the stuff into the cart and bring it back to the office in Walker.


  • During Spring 2006 finals went through about 6 gallons of milk per day. During Fall 2006 finals went through 2 gallons of milk per day.
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