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(Last Updated IAP 2006)


Potential Stops

T-stop: Harvard Square

  • Cardullo’s – 6 Brattle St. 617-491-8888
Definitely worth going back to next year.
  • L. A. Burdick’s – 52 Brattle St. 617-491-4340
Good ending place.
  • Finale – 30 Dunster St. 617-441-9797, Or in Boston – 1 Columbus Ave, Boston 617-423-3184
Another good ending point.
  • Pemberton Farms – 2225 Mass Ave, Cambridge. 617-876-2711
Kind of a long walk (bus runs right past here, though).
Worth going back to.

T-stop: Kenmore Square

  • Temper Chocolates – 500 Commonwealth Ave. 617-375-2255
Very good.

T-stop: South Station

  • Serenade Chocolatier – In South Station. 617-261-9941
Maybe not worth going back to. Very small and pretty expensive

T-stop: Hynes

  • Trader Joe’s – 899 Boylston St. 617-262-6505
Good for buying cheaper chocolate, but I don’t think this is really what people were expecting.
If they're selling the Trader Joe's Truffles, point those out.
  • Truffles Fine Confections – In the Prudential Center
Expensive, but people liked it.
  • Teuscher – 230 Newbury St. 617-536-1922
Expensive, but interesting. Definitely worth going back to.

Other (need to be sorted)

  • Richart Chocolate - in the mall across the street from the Prudential Center) 617-262-4144
  • Lindt - 704 Boylston St (617) 236-0571

Suggestions for Running

  • Have a training day or something for volunteers – take them to all the shops and give them some good info.
  • Charge a small fee – people would have paid to come I think
  • Advance sign up – better prepare for the expected volume of people
  • Smaller tour groups (probably taken care of with the advance sign up deal)
  • Make it clear that we need volunteers. This really needs to have small groups, and volunteers seem scared to help. So we need to make sure we have them to help!
  • Offer from the club to pay back $10/$15 of chocolate purchases made by tour leaders, in order to encourage people to volunteer
  • Run multiple two-hour tours - people may also choose to repeat, then, to go on a different tour
  • Contact the shops ahead of time, many are willing to arrange someone to speak about the shop for us, and possibly even offer samples

File Links

  • Maps of Harvard Square and Newbury Street stops. Not wonderful (made in somewhat of a rush) but they show all of the major stores.

Link to Wiki Event Page

Chocolate Tours

What to Add/Change

  • List dates
  • List locations to be visited
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